The Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (hereafter, JIPM) has begun a new service called “JIPM-Subscribers” in April, 2015. As TPM is spreading widely overseas, some erroneous information and knowledge is circulating so we have decided to create a platform that transmits the latest accurate information from JIPM. In addition, we will collect proprietary JIPM information as well as that of registered companies and analyse the current TPM situation and the latest cases and send this information to all registered members.

See below for quick instruction on JIPM-Subscribers. For more details, please read the official announcement attached at the bottom of page.

JIPM-Subscribers Details

1. Eligibility

Companies with offices outside of Japan.

  • Companies that have multiple plants/offices must register each one separately.

2. How to register

Download the Application Form from the bottom of this page, fill in the required information and send both Excel file and signed PDF to as an e-mail attachment.

  • Registration applications can be submitted at any time and benefits remain the same no matter in which month registration is completed.

3. Registration fees

Registration fees: 120,000 yen / year

  • JIPM-Subscribers will finish on Dec 2019.
    New service will start from 2020. About New service detail, please wait announcement in our web-page.

4. Description of benefits

Ordinary (regular) benefits

The following information will be transmitted every 2 months (April, June, August, October and December) by e-mail (English).

JIPM news such as JIPM activities and TPM Awards information
TPM Lectures
Articles that are references for TPM activities will be serialized. The first series will be written by Mr. Seiichi Nakajima, the founder of TPM.
Activity Introduction
Activity case studies will be presented from various angles not limited to TPM but also including Kaizen (Improvement), Hozen (Maintenance) and Training & Education.
Interviews with TPM Awards committee members and professionals who are versed in the profession will be published.
TPM Keywords
TPM activity keywords will be explained.
  • The above categories are examples of e-mail categories. Not every e-mail will contain articles from each category. Furthermore, there are plans to add categories other than those stated above as necessary.

Initial registration benefits

- We will mail out a DVD entitled Interview of Seiichi Nakajima and Tokutaro Suzuki who established TPM and have rendered distinguished service.

  • Renewals or re-registrations are not eligible for this DVD.
  • The DVD will be mailed after JIPM confirms the deposit of registration fees.

-We will send a ‘TPM AWARDS Recognition Book'.
In Recognition Book, the activity summary of the awarded companies are collected.
* You can choice Recognition Book, TPM Award 2016 or TPM Award 2017.

For further information and inquiries, please contact us below.