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TPM Awards

JIPM launched the PM award system in 1964, to "strengthen the improvement of enterprise constitutions and contribute to the development of industry, by promoting the modernization of plant maintenance and the development of plant maintenance technologies."
The TPM Excellent Awards, in which the results of plants' TPM activities are judged and honored, have been awarded to some 2,000 plants since the awards' inception. These awards play a valuable role in JIPM's assessment operations for the development of Japan's industrial sector.

The assessment for the TPM Excellent Awards outside JAPAN

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New Books and Reports
"2009 TPM Awards Activity Book" CD-ROM version
Each report has been written by plants awarded for TPM Excellence awards in 2009. The process to the TPM Excellence Awards will be learned from the books.

Please send the attached order sheet by e-mail if you wish to purchase it.
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2014 TPM Awards Ceremony

Associate Agency Name Location
Korean Standards Association South Korea
Corporate Synergy Development Center Taiwan
Technology Promotion Association Thailand
Confederation of Indian Industry India
SMMT Industry Forum U.K.
Centre of Excellence for TPM Germany

Maintenance Technology
Marketing and Promotion
International exchange
TPM Awards
“Monodzukuri Test” (Certification for overseas manufacturing)

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