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The assessment for the TPM Excellent Awards outside JAPAN

The assessment for the TPM Excellent Awards outside Japan

In accordance with amendments made to the Japanese legal system, JIPM transformed itself on April 1, 2012 from a Shadan-Hojin, a public interest corporation under the control of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, to a Ko-eki Shadan-Hojin, a public interest incorporated association approved by the Cabinet Office.

The TPM Awards, which started in 1964, has been certifying Assessment Agenciessince 2007 and, in cooperation with these certified agencies, has beenoperating the TPM Award system for enterprises and factories outsideJapan. Due to the change of its structure, JIPM will directly acceptapplications for evaluation from the 2013 TPM Awards onward.

Agencies that have served to date as assessment agencies-CETPM (Centre of Excellence for TPM, Germany), CII (Confederation of Indian Industry, India), CSD (Corporate Synergy Development Center, Taiwan), KSA (Korean Standard Association, Korea), SMMT (The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited, UK) and TPA (Technology Promotion Association Thailand-Japan, Thailand)-are going to assume the role of Associate Agency during the evaluation for the 2013 JIPM-TPM Award.
We recommend that enterprises and factories that would like to be evaluated consult with the nearest Associate Agency as required.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere gratitude to all enterprises and factories who have received awards and have embraced the system of evaluation by overseas assessment agencies as well as by assessment agencies and concerned parties who have been involved.

We strongly recommend the use of the TPM Awards operated by JIPM, who has evaluated and awarded for "Operational Excellence and Maintenance Excellence" throughout the world, as a step to further progress and develop your enterprise or factory.

Assessment Agency(until 31.March. 2013)

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